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Art and DT

Activity 1

Design and draw your own planet. Decide which planets it would be between and use what you know to help create the planet. Think about the colours and whether it would be rocky or a gas planet.

Activity 2

As featured on BBC Online - Will Sliney is a professional artist who has worked for Marvel comics, on Spider-Man, Avengers + X-Men and Star Wars. Every day, on YouTube, he will be giving a live cartoon drawing class for children (7pm), where you can learn how to draw lots of different cartoon characters. However, if that is too late for you, you can also play recorded video lessons too.


We Will Draw Live art class with Will Sliney

Please make sure that children are supervised when using YouTube

Activity 3

Create a solar system model. Look at these pictures for inspiration. Take your time; you have a couple of weeks to make a good model. If you designed your own planet last week, make a model of it and add it to your artwork.

Activity 4

Today you will learn about the art of paper quilling. You will make a model of Endurance sailing towards the Antarctic. You may want to include an iceberg.

You will need

  • Thin strips of paper cut into half cm strips.
  • Small sheet of paper for the background (postcard size)
  • Some colouring materials - paints and a brush (or colouring pencils or felt tip pens anything you wish to use)
  • Glue


Look at the slideshow to follow the instructions for making your picture.

Click on the slides to stop the slideshow