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Art and DT

Activity 1

Make delicious scrambled eggs with Jamie and Buddy Oliver.

Follow the recipe. Use a camera to take some photos of your process as you go along. I would love to see your photos up on the blog of this! 

How to Make Scrambled Eggs with Jamie and Buddy Oliver

*Children should be supervised when on YouTube.

Activity 2

Create your own Lost Sheep

You will need:


  • Carefully cut out the sheep’s body and head.
  • Write a special message to somebody you care for on the lined side of the body.
  • Glue the cotton wool pieces onto the blank side of the body.
  • Glue the head of the sheep onto one end of the body.
  • Clip the pegs onto the bottom of the sheep’s body.
  • Take a photo of your lost sheep and post in on the school blog.

Activity 3

Design your own seaside postcard.

Write a postcard to somebody telling them all about your visit to the seaside. If you've never been before that's ok, you can write about Barnaby Bears experience!


Here are some picture examples:

Activity 4

Design and make your own rocket ship.

You can do this by drawing, painting, clay modelling or junk modelling.


Make sure you share your super duper rockets on the school blog!

Activity 5

Today I would like you draw your own face. This is called a self-portrait. Look at yourself in the mirror. What shape are your eyes? What does your nose look like? What kind of lips do you have? Can you see your eye brows?


You can use the face template below to help you or you can do it all independently. Make sure you post your self-portraits onto the blog.