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Dreamcatcher Assemblies

Catching dreams at St Luke’s Primary

‘Reaching higher than I dreamed, becoming the person that I want to be,

doing the best I can for the world and for me.’ 


Dreamcatcher assemblies on a Wednesday morning are a favourite feature of life at St Luke’s. Speakers from all walks come in to share their stories, giving them a sense of the many opportunities open to them in the world beyond school. 


We find many of our Dreamcatchers through www.inspiringthefuture.org.  Our school proudly hosted the national launch of Primary Futures!


Could you be our next Dreamcatcher?  If you can spare half an hour to inspire our pupils, we would love to hear from you! (admin@st-lukes.islington.sch.uk)

­­Femi Rowaiye

Global Head of Implementations, Treasury & Trade Solutions, Citibank


Mrs Damolekun’s brother was our very special Dreamcatcher!

Maya and Mazen interviewed him in assembly. Hiyabel and Sude took notes.


“I work in a bank. Banks look after our money.  They also do a lot of lending, for instance to people who want to buy a hous or a car. I work in the part of the bank that works with companies, looking after the  Internet banking for our company clients.”

“My job is a global role, so one of things I like best is travelling all around the world. Last year I was in Colombia, in South America, and as far away as New Zealand. I get to meet different people, experiencing different cultures, tasting different food.”

“I was born here but I grew up in Nigeria. When I went to school I wanted to be an engineer. I used to open up radios and irons and things just to find out how they worked. I studied Engineering at university so I am an engineer.”

“My advice is would be to study what you really enjoy. When you get a job it won’t feel like work—it will feel like a hobby. But remember too: nothing is easy in life, but if you work hard you will get where you want. You have to prepare and put in effort, then you’ll get the result.”


After assembly Femi visited Year 6 and Year 5. With the help of some willing volunteers, he showed us how you earn interest from a bank when you deposit money in a savings account. The same bank charges interest on the money they lend to borrowers. They make a profit by charging more to borrowers than they pay out to depositers.

Femi also showed us some oil rigs from his time as an engineer, another exciting career!


Inspiring former pupils 


We've been greatly inspired by former St Luke's pupils who have gone on to university. Three of them received grants from the St Luke's Trust to help with their studies, a unique opportunity for our children.


Simon Edekere  is studying Psychology at Middlesex University.  He urged pupils to "cherish your time at primary school! You're making memories for life." 


Simon's younger brother Leo Edekere is studying Law at City University. Like Simon he is working part-time while pursuing his studies. "A job really helps you develop independence and different skills."


Sonia Chadni

Sonia Chadni told us that visiting Slaughter and May when she was at our school inspired her to become a lawyer. She is now in her final year in Law at Brunel University. 


"If you've gone to this school you can apply for a grant from the St Luke's Trust to help you through university. That's been amazing:  without that help I might not have got such good grades."


When Damola Taiwo was at our school he dreamed of playing professional football, but he also always enjoyed Maths. At secondary school he decided to pursue his studies, so he went to Birmingham University and gained a degree in Computer Science.


"I did a summer internship at Barclays Investment Bank and they invited me to apply for a graduate position. Being at a bank allows me to use my mathematical skills."


Dreamcatcher Assemblies 2018 onwards

Dreamcatchers who inspired us since 2018  

Jess Cameron, our new Head of School

Tulsi Parekh, Research Optometrist 

Holly Bland, Air BnB Experiences

Iman Faruki and Vivian Bennett, Oxford Law Student Ambassadors

Kanom Bibi, Research Photographer Moorfields

Kelly Tham, Commercial Lead, BfB Labs

Kelly Craig, ELon Edu Officer, Dogs Trust

Dr Alexandra Turner, Research Children's Society

Susannah Morgan, Producing Co-ordinator National Theatre

Hannah Agass, Learning and Access Officer, Museum of the Order of St John

Daniel Lawson, Signify Technology

Andrew Hollingsworth, The Passage

Jess Child, EPPR Network Manager NHS England

Femi Rowaiye, Citibank, Global Head of Implementations Treasury and Trade Solutions

Leah Hyslop, Deputy Editor, Waitrose Food

Clive James, Health and Safety, St John's Ambulance

Hannah Owen, Assistant Programme Manager Nesta

Lorna Nsoatabe, Associate, Slaughter and May

Chris Fry, Executive Producer, Sister Pictures

Courtauld Gallery Education Team, Courtauld Gallery

Eye Technicians from Moorfield Eye Hospital

Paul Williams, Chief Software Engineer Bloomberg

George Petters, Ex-pupil and 6th form student at Central Foundation for Boys

David Cakebread, Trainee Solicitor, Slaughter and May

Natalie Anson-Wright, Dance and Drama Teacher

Elizabeth Corley, Senior Advisor, Allianz Global Investors

Louise Taylor, Fundraising and Events officer, Moorfields Eye Charity

Anna Godas, CEO Dogwoof Film


Dreamcatcher assemblies before 2018

Matt Coleman and Steve Hale work for Osborne, rebuilding the Redbrick Estate. Matt is the Project Manager. Steve is a quantity surveyor. Lily Glasser of Newman Francis makes sure the local community is involved. They posed with some of the children who painted the prize-winning hoarding off Lizard Street.


Other Dreamcatchers who inspired us in 2017-18

Amy Veitch, Managing Director, Risk Management Group, Macquarie Bank

Victoria Lloyd, Senior Producer, Comedy, BBC

Ian Fokerd, School Bursar

Calvin and Steve, Scots Guards

Carol Lingwood, Head of Costume, National Theatre

Lydia Ashman, Programme Manager, Schools & Young People, CUBITT Arts

Nicole Howard, Graduate Trainee Accountant, Schroders

Richard Frostick, Director, and Alex Pitts, Apprentice, Music Centre London

Ben Popatlal, Multi-Assets Investments, Schroders

Rosie May, Utopia Rose Photography

Hannah Simons, Head of Fiduciary Management, Schroders

Michelle Clarke, Crystal Healer and Reiki Seichem Practitioner

Claire Glennon, Business Development, Schroders 

Paul Crook, Video Artist

Alex Harding, Systems Engineer, Inmarsat

Marco Bottignole, Community Gardener, St Luke's Parochial Trust

Kate Hursthouse, Corporate Responsibility Manager, Slaughter and May

Ryan Dickens, Accountant, Inmarsat

Tom Mitchell visited us in September, fresh from winning  Silver at the Rio Olympics 2016 as Captain of Team GB Rugby 7s.


One of the children asked how he got to be captain. "I think it was trying to be an example to everyone: being a servant to the team." 


Other Dreamcatchers who inspired us in 2016-17:

John Walters, Pearly King of Finsbury

Nick Carter, adventurer and explorer

Pete Nicholas, Minister, Inspire London

Alan Myler PC, Safer Schools Police Officer

Rupa Lakhani, Widening Participation Projects, City University

Stephen Walshe & Cindy Zheng, Fortune Kindergarten, Shanghai

Linda Donaldson, Administrator, Natural Success Academy

Luiz Ribeiro, BJJ instructor and Founder, London Fight Factory

Ali Gillum, Head of Community, the eleven

Polly Miles, Solicitor, PwC UK

Peter Taylor, jeweller and Director, Goldsmiths’ Centre

Lauren Redfern, Widening Participation Officer, City University

Elaine Clarke, Centre Manager, Children’s Services, Cardfields

Francesca Gambatesa, illustrator

Gary Bolister, London black cab driver

Brian Leslie, Canadian lumber consultant

Brian Dowling, specialist photographic printer

Rory Peters, Area Manager, Regus plc

Richard Ware, satellite engineer

Nya Rendell Young, St Luke’s graduate and scholarship student, Sherborne School for Girls

Laurence Reeves, forester and Conservation Director, Capitol Land Trust, Olympia, WA, USA