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St Luke's Trust and University Grants

The objective of the Trust is to support children educated at St Luke’s School. This is done by providing funds for the refurbishment of the school and other projects, for grants for current and former pupils, and also by giving money to the School Fund that provides extras for the children and the staff. In recent years the Trust has funded the Year 6 school journey to Osmington Bay, a school visit to a concert at the Barbican Centre, provided a shed for the infants’ playground, contributed to the cost of swimming lessons, and given discretionary grants for the costs of school uniforms.   


Over the past few years, the Trustees have given grants to former pupils of St Luke's School. After considerable discussion, they have come to the decision that they can no longer carry on supporting students in this way. This scheme is now at an end.


In the current climate of austerity, the Headteacher and Chair of Governors are asking for greater support in providing music and dance education, lap tops and in contributing to essential maintenance of the building. The Trustees primary charitable objective has to be in supporting children aged 5-11 at the school.


The trust only considers requests for funding from the Headteacher and staff members. The Trustees do not consider direct requests form others, including pupils and parents, for financial support.



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