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Summer I Term 2022

Week 5

This week in Science, we went on a wild flower finding walk to Radnor Street Gardens. We made a note of all the wild flowers that we found!

Week 4

This week in Science, we have started to plant our own sunflower seeds following 4 important steps!

Week 3

This week, we have been doing some 'Talk for writing' for our new class story: Little Red Riding Hood. Here we are using sign language to retell the first part of the story!

Week 2

This week in Art, we have been doing some work for our Take One Picture unit. We were busy painting the sea! Next week, we will be tearing this into strips and then putting it back together to form the waves!

Week 1

This week in Science, we have been investigating if different materials are waterproof, absorbent and transparent. Here we are finding out the answers and recording them!