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Summer Term 2 2022


The story-teller Alim Kamara visited the school to entrance the children with stories and raps. The workshop was very engaging and inspiring with children learning about teamwork, kindness and acceptance.


We attended a workshop about Air Quality and Sustainable Travel - 'Abbie Ayre and the Shed of Science’. This was to educate us on ways to improve our local air quality safely and sustainably. The event enabled pupils to identify the causes and health consequences of poor air quality, and to address ways in which they can avoid contributing to poor air quality, such as using sustainable transport.

We have been collaborating with the artist Marta Martinez Corada on creating art-work for the upcoming White Cross Street Festival.


We visited The British Museum to commence our learning about The Anglo-Saxons. We visited galleries and learnt about one of the most important British archaeological discoveries at 'Sutton Hoo' - the Anglo-Saxon ship, laden with treasures and artefacts of life of the times.

Our Anglo-Saxon helmets designs inspired by the Sutton Hoo warrior king helmet.


We made fantastic models and drawings of our Solar System over the half term holidays. Here is a selection of our work.