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Week commencing 11th May

Activity 1

Matching game: 

Cut out the cards below and support your child matching the days of the week with the right amount the caterpillar ate. Don’t forget to match Sunday with the number 0. For numbers 6 to 9, ask your child to draw, paint or use playdough to make more food items for the caterpillar to eat.

Print the second part of the activity here

Activity 2

Making a new menu for The Very Hungry Caterpillar:

Let your child find different things in the kitchen for the caterpillar to eat. The challenge is to find things that are the same to make each number like 1 sugar cube, 2 tea bags, 3 waffles and 4 eggs, as shown below.

Once you have your rows of food, you could label them with the days of the book below:

Should you want to print the days of the week cards

Activity 3

2D shapes:

Use the floor to create 2D shapes. You could use masking tape at home like Christopher did below (using tape is great to develop fine motor skills) or you could go outside and draw the shapes on the floor with chalk.

Activity 4

Disappearing shapes game:

For this activity you will need:

  • plastic pipette (alternative, your child could dip their fingers in water and wait for a drop to fall from the tip of their fingers).
  • A cup of water.
  • A tray or plate to avoid a wet mess.
  • A coffee filter or sheet of kitchen roll where you have previously drawn some 2D shapes with a marker pen.

To play this activity, name a shape for your child to find it on the coffee filter. Then your child will drip water on it using her plastic pipette or finger. When the marker used to draw the shape comes into contact with water, it begins to spread out until it practically disappears – just like magic!

Activity 5

Play this game with your child or, alternatively, use blocks, Lego or any other construction game (as long as pieces are the same size) to make numbers: