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Week commencing 15th June

Activity 1

Have a look at the pictures of the life cycle of a ladybird. Discuss new vocabulary with your child. Can they draw a picture of their own life cycle naming the different stages?

Activity 2

Please read the slides below about the life cycle of a spider focusing on the new vocabulary. Next have a look at the slides again and ask your child to tell you about the life cycle of a spider by looking at the pictures.

Activity 3

Make your own life cycle of a spider. You can cut the pictures below or draw and make your own one.

Activity 4

Do the following activity. Please remember to upload your work on tapestry.

Activity 5


Hello Nursery and Reception!

This week we are continuing with our topic of Spring. In the video you can sing along to our 'I Like The Flowers' song. We'll also play a musical animal game that involves listening to different music and acting like an animal!

You can watch the Week 5 Music Video below: