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Week commencing 15th June

Activity 1

This week we will be learning about 3D shapes.

Show your child a cylinder and a cone shape if you have them in your house, otherwise point at the pictures below.

Discuss what is the same and what is different about them, e.g. both have a curved face, both a circular face, but one has a point whereas the other has two circular faces.

Ask your child where they have seen these shapes (ice cream cones, tins, etc).

Say the names of each.

Listen to the 3D shape song on bbc:

Activity 2

Have a look at the picture of the pyramid and discuss it. Can you find this shape at your home?

Show you child a variety of pyramids and discuss what is the same about them and what is different. They all have flat triangular faces, which join at a point, but they can have different shapes on the bottom. Say that they are all pyramids.

Give your child a few 3D shapes including some pyramids. Label two hoops or boxes; ‘triangle face’ and ‘no triangle faces’. Ask your child to put their shape into the correct hoop/box.

Activity 3

Find the objects in your house of the following shapes: a cube, cuboid, sphere, cone, cylinder and pyramid. Ask your child to take one out without showing it to you. Then you ask them questions about it e.g.  “How many faces does it have, does it have a circular or curved faces etc.” Take turns to play it and repeat with different shapes.

PDF if you wish to print

Activity 4

Show your child how they can make an ‘L’-shape using their left hands holding their hands vertically, fingers together, thumbs ‘stuck out’.  Remember, L is for left! Play ‘Simon says’. Ask your child to stand. Call out instructions such as: Simon says put up your left hand. Put up your right hand. Simon says touch your right knee. Now touch your left knee. Simon says shake your right leg.

Next do the following activity:

PDF if you wish to print

Activity 5

Remind your child of left and right. Take your child into a room with more space. Call out instructions such as: Take one step forwards and then turn right. Face me, take two steps backwards and then turn left.

Next do the following activity:

PDF if you wish to print