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Week commencing 18th May

Activity 1

Show your child a plate of 20 biscuits. Count together, and then cover them with a tea towel. Next you give one to a teddy/soft toy. Ask your child: ‘How many is left?’

Point out 20 on number track and 19 as the number before. Remove tea towel to check there are 19 biscuits left. Repeat subtracting one biscuit, until there are none left or teddy is full! When you get to numbers of biscuits less than 11, ask your child to show the answer on their fingers.

Activity 2

Make a ‘cave’ by covering a chair with a blanket. Show your child 5 soft toys eg tigers or lions and put them in a cave. Ask your child to hold up 5 fingers to match the lions. Take one lion out and say: ‘This lion is going hunting. How many are left in a cave?’ Ask you child to fold down one finger to show 4. Remove the blanket to check Record the subtraction 5 – 1 = 4. Repeat with other subtracting numbers of lions up to at least 10, subtracting 1 each time.

PDF version if you wish to print

Activity 3

Shuffle a set of 1 to 10 cards. Take one eg. 5 and ask your child to use this number of cubes/lego to build a tower and ask: ‘How tall will it be if I take off 2 cubes?’ Ask your child to show the first number with fingers & count back 4, 3 folding down 2 fingers, one at a time. Write 5 – 2 = 3 and read it together. Subtract 2 cubes to the tower to check the number left. Repeat with different cards.

PDF version should you wish to print. 

Activity 4

Play a board game with your child eg. Snakes and ladders, monopoly or whatever you have at home. Ask your child to count and move pieces in the game as they go along. 

Activity 5

Do the following addition activity and then play a game below. 

PDF version should you wish to print.