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Week commencing 1st June

Activity 1

Go outside and take with you this checklist. Try to find all the bugs! You could even take pictures with your phone.

Choose to do this activity on a nice day to go out or the weekend; all of these activities are prepared in advanced and I don’t really know what the weather is going to be like on this day.


Should you want to print the checklist click here

Activity 2


Should you want to print this activity click here

Activity 3

Collect some stones and get the children to paint colourful patterns or pictures on them; once dry, glue pieces of felt on the bottom to create stunning paperweights.


Activity 4

Paper snowflakes are traditionally made at Christmas, but there’s no reason why you can’t display them in your home throughout the year. They could also be fancy flower shapes instead of snowflakes:

Using various plates/bowls/cups to draw round, make lots of circles of different sizes on sheets of thin white paper. Cut round the circles and then fold them in half three times. Use scissors to cut out shapes around the edges – taking care not to cut right through to the other side – and then unfold. 


Activity 5

Today enjoy a music lesson with Mr. Jones.

This week we are continuing with our topic of Spring. In the video you will learn a new song about a caterpillar and how it turns into a butterfly. Can you learn the Caterpillar Song and actions? Perhaps you could act out the life of a caterpillar as it spins its cocoon and turns into a butterfly?

You can watch the Week 3 Music Video here: