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Week commencing 22nd June

Activity 1

The video below is a popular one in nursery. It shows lots of animal moves for you and your child to copy:

"If Animals Danced" - Dance Song for Kids with actions!

Children should be supervised when in YouTube

Activity 2

Your crafts activity for today is shaving cream marbling.


Shaving cream (the foam type, not the gel)

Shallow container 

Food colouring (but you can also use any paint you may have at home)

Pipettes (optional)



Scraper (something with a straight edge like a ruler or a piece of cardboard)


Spray shaving cream into your dish. Then smooth the surface a bit with a spatula (or spoon, hands, etc)

Use the dropper (or pour carefully from the bottle) to transfer the liquid colour paint to the surface of the shaving cream.

Use a stick, spoon or a finger to swirl the colours together to create a marbled effect. 

Lay a piece of paper on the surface of the painted shaving cream.

Gently lift the paper off of the shaving cream.

Scrape off the shaving cream with a craft stick or a piece of cardboard.


Set paper aside to dry and repeat with more prints!


Activity 3

Since the story this week is called ‘Monkey Puzzle’, let’s create a puzzle with a monkey in it. Draw your favourite scene of the book in the template provided below and then cut it (adults will probably need to help to cut this) to make your own puzzle.


PDF version should you wish to print it

Activity 4

Dissolving science experiment:

This activity teaches children about solubility, specifically whether a given substance will dissolve in water. You’ll need several small, transparent water containers (e.g. plastic or glass cups) and a range of substances to test (e.g. sugar, oil, salt, food colouring, rice, flour, vitamin tablets). Before dropping each substance into a cup ask the children to guess whether it will dissolve or not.

Activity 5

Today enjoy a music lesson with Mr. Jones:

Hello Nursery!

This is the final week on the topic of Spring. In the video you can sing along to some of our favourite songs and we'll also play our musical animal game that involves listening to different music and acting like an animal!

You can watch the Week 6 Music Video by clicking on this link: