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Week commencing 27th April

Activity 1

Counting and adding.


This week we will be practising counting to 10 and then extend to 20.


Use your fingers to count to 10 or 20, just like we did in class.


Then find some small construction objects and build a few towers to 10 or 20.


Count the number of objects in your tower and find that number on the number line below. If you want to print these out you can click the links below and use them all week.

Print your number trackers here if you would like to.

Activity 2

Show your child 4 soft toys, then hide them under a blanket.

Next say: Two more toys are going to hide.


How many will be under the blanket then?


Ask your child to show you 4 fingers, now 2 more.


How many altogether?


Repeat with different number of toys up to 10 under the blanket, always adding 2.



Activity 3

Show a covered car park (upturned cardboard box with a door cut) or use other toys you have at home.


‘Drive’ 4 cars into the car park, then show 2 more.

These cars are going to go and park next.

Point to 4 on the number track, and count on 2 more, saying 5, 6.

Remove box to check the total.

Then ask your child to drive 2 more cars into the car park. Ask your child how many cars are there now.

Repeat with different numbers and reveal to check.


Activity 4

Show your child a tin or money box, and count in 6 pennies (we have already learnt about money in school).


How much is in the tin? Drop in 2 more pennies. And now? Show me 6 fingers, now show me 2 more.


So 6 and 2 makes 8. Ask your child to tip out coins to check.


Repeat with different numbers of pennies up to 7 in the tin, adding 2, then 3 more, matching to fingers.


Activity 5

Display a 1-10 number track, you can make your own one or show the one here (you can print it using the link under Activity 1)


Choose a number less than 8 on the track and ask your child to make a tower using that number of lego or other small objects for example raisins.


Then say: If we add two more to the tower, how many cubes will be in the tower then?


Repeat adding 2, then 3 to numbers from 8 to 7.