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Week commencing 27th April

For this week have a look at phonicsplay.co.uk. There are lovely phase 1/ 2 phonics games that are easily accessible. It is free at the moment due to the coronavirus so please take advantage! 

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Activity 1

Find below the link to the game ‘Welcome to the Zoo’ from Phonicsplay.com. This is a very popular game in our nursery and helps supports children to listen, focus and develop their phonics knowledge.

If you do not have access to the internet, do a ‘Silly Soup’ instead: the initial sound for this ‘Silly Soup’ game is /t/ as in the cup of tea I am drinking right now. Encourage your child to find a selection of objects around the house starting with that sound, put them in a bowl or a pot and stir them with a wooden spoon while singing :

‘We’re making a silly soup’

We’re making a soup that’s silly,

We’re going to put it in the fridge,

We’re is nice and chilly’

Do not worry about how the song sounds like; we made it up in the class but your child may teach you how to sing it!.

Activity 2

Click on the link below for today’s game from Phonics Play. Children are familiar with this game and come up with funny guesses of all the different sounds in the game.

Another option is a ‘Silly Soup’ with the initial sound /c/ as in ‘keys’ (words starting with c and with are valid in this game because it is about learning sounds not letters).

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Activity 3

‘Cake Bake’ is a bit more challenging to play as children need to listen very carefully to recognize the rhyming words. Do not worry if they are not right and help them as much as they need.

If you prefer a ‘Silly Soup’, today’s starting sound is /m/ as in mug.

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Activity 4

‘Super Smoothie’ is a different version of ‘Silly Soup’. For those of you choosing a regular ‘Silly Soup’ game, the initial sound today is /a/ for apple.

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Activity 5

The last game this week is the popular nursery rhyme ‘Hickory Dickory Dock’. The ‘Silly Soup’ uses the initial sound /s/ for strawberry.

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