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Week commencing 27th April

I will show daily activities in this section for you and your child. Please take pictures and upload them to Tapestry if you can so I can see your child’s wonderful effort.


Activity 1

This is a very easy recipe for homemade paint (as well as safe and non-toxic). If there is any paint left at the end of the activity, keep it in the fridge and I will tell you how to reuse it to make something else.

Recipe for homemade paint

We are going to need:

½ cup of flour

½ cup of salt 

½ cup of water

your favourite food colouring

Pour the flour, salt and water into a pot and mix all together. Squeeze the food colouring into the mixture and pour until you reach the desired colour. Enjoy it!



Activity 2

This is one of the simplest recipes for play dough, but if you have a personal favourite, use it.

Remember the home-made paint from yesterday? You can add it to your play dough as it is made with the same materials, so you don’t have to spend as much food colouring.

Ideally, playdough should be used every week because it is a great way to develop fine motor skills in little children. Keep the playdough in the fridge for tomorrow’s English activity.


Activity 3

Let’s make some music!

Today we are making maracas to use for the song you will learn tomorrow in English.


Activity 4

Talk about the people in your family. Show your child pictures of your family and ask them to draw a picture of their family and to describe it to you.

Activity 5

Create pictures using different pasta shapes. It could be a dinosaur like the one in the picture or a character from ‘The Enormous Turnip’ story.