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Week commencing 27th April

This is our new class book. How exciting!

Activity 1

Can you predict what happens in the story?

Use the images to make your predictions. Write your predictions on  a piece of paper.

Look at the images carefully.

Let's see if your predictions were correct. Read the book.

The Pirate Cruncher - Jonny Duddle

Jonny Duddle, reading from his best-selling picture book, The Pirate Cruncher.
*Please supervise children when watching youtube videos*

Activity 2

Write a book review

Use the template below to help you.

Activity 3

Character description


Let's have a look at Captain Purplebeard. Use the template below to describe him.

Activity 4

Persuasive text


Do you remember year 2 we looked at persusive language in class? Well i would like you to write two paragraphs persuading a friend to go to the island of gold. 

Use the word mat below to help you.

Activity 5

Put on your thinking caps and use everything you know about the beginning and middle of the story to create a new ending.


Think about the characters, were they come from and were they are going. 

Use the story mountain to help you.

Words of the week

These are high frequency words. learn how to spell them and write a sentence using the word.

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Day 2



Day 3



Day 4



Day 5