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Week commencing 29th June

Activity 1

Match the colours to the numbers to create a colourful bat like the one in ‘Monkey Puzzle’.


PDF version should you wish to print it

Activity 2

Count the number of each type of wild animal and write the number in the box. Encourage your child to tick or cross each animal as they count them; this is a good practice for counting.



Activity 3

Create number resources by cutting out oval, square, circle or any other shapes from cardboard and write different numbers on them. Let your child identify the numbers and punch the corresponding number of holes in them using a hole puncher. This exercise helps with number recognition and counting but it also develops fine motor skills with all that punching.


Activity 4

These are some of the animals in ‘Monkey Puzzle’. Follow the numbers to complete the picture. The first two are only up to 10, but the rest go above 20, so some support may be needed:


PDF version should you wish to print it

Activity 5

Prepare some sticky notes with numbers 1 to 6 and place them in front of your children armed with a fly swatter (or using their hand if you don’t have a fly swatter). Throw a dice for your child to identify the number on the dice and match it with the ones written on sticky notes before smacking the correct answer with a fly swatter!