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Week commencing 29th June

Activity 1

I have shared the phonics cards that we use in nursery before, but I am including them again in case you need them. Today, I would like for your child to revise all of the sounds, so you can see which ones they’re more confident with and which ones they need to practise a bit more.

Cut out the sounds to use them often and for some of the activities below.


PDF version should you wish to print it

Activity 2

Get between 4 and 6 big bowls (or use the same number of big pieces of paper). Put inside each bowl some very familiar card sounds and some more challenging (as decided during yesterday’s activity). 

Tell your child that today they are making many soups, one for each bowl. Give them a selection of objects to put in the right bowl that matches the initial sound.

Please avoid the following sounds for this activity as they are not initial sounds:

/ss/, /ll/, /ff/ and /ck/.

Activity 3

Play this game with your child by helping them ‘sounding out’ and ‘blending’ to read the words shown. Please click the link below to play the game:



Activity 4

Play this game with your child helping them to identify the odd sound. Please click the link below to play the game:



Activity 5

Use the phonics cards to make the words below. Encourage your child to ‘sound out’ and ‘blend’. Remember I made a video that shows how we do this in nursery; you can see it here: