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Week commencing 29th June

Activity 1

Read the story ‘Monkey Puzzle’ again. After that, cut out all the characters below to make puppets. Use lolly pop sticks or straws to attach to the back of the cut-out characters, using glue or tape. If you prefer, you could create your own characters using card, felt, googly eyes or any other materials. Encourage your child to retell the story using their puppets.


Activity 2

Complete these pencil control worksheets and develop finger muscle strength:


PDF version should you wish to print it

Activity 3

After yesterday’s writing session, you should be ready to practise writing your name today. Some of you know how to write your name using capital letters (they are easier, as they do not have as many curves as lower case ones), but today, I would like you to try writing in lower case and only using the capital letter at the beginning of your name. I really would like to see a lovely picture of each child holding their name, so I can assess how much they have improved since March.

Activity 4

This is a picture by Axel Scheffler, the illustrator of ‘Monkey Puzzle’. He made many drawings of monkeys before deciding which one was the right monkey for the story. 

Ask your child which monkey is their favourite and why. Encourage them to use vocabulary to describe similarities and differences between them. Ask them to draw a different monkey for the story (it could be as simple as a different colour monkey).


PDF version should you wish to print it

Activity 5

P4C (philosophy for children) is one of the pillars at St. Luke’s and is taught from nursery. It is a great way to explore and understand feelings, to enhance children’s thinking and to develop language.

Watch the beautiful animated short film below. It deals with bravery and ‘leaving the nest’. Please click on the link:


After watching the film, start a conversation with your child using the questions below. You can also do the activities suggested.