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Week commencing 4th May

Activity 1

Today we will be learning more about suffixes. Remember that suffixes are a group of letters that are added to a root word to change its meaning. 

Let's have a look at suffixes. Do the activity in the boxes when asked.



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Activity 2




Activity 3

Choose a phonics activity for your level.

This is for hot and spicy.
This is for all students to complete.

Activity 4

Answer these questions about the pirate cruncher. Answer in full sentences, using the  correct punctuation.


1)  Why did the pirates change their minds about going to look for the treasure?


2)  Do you think that the fiddler knew that the island was a creature?


3)  What are the pirates dreaming of?


4)  Why did the pirates trust the fiddler?




Activity 5 

Due to the Bank Holiday Friday, this session will be used as Activity 1 on the week commencing 11th May.


Choose one of the characters below and write about them. Use the word bank to help you. 


words of the week

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Day 2



Day 3



Day 4