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Week commencing 4th May



Activity 1

Read a book of your choice (try Bugclub) and tell someone about what you have read. www.activelearnprimary.co.uk


Activity 2

Read a book of your choice (try Bugclub) and tell someone about what you have read. www.activelearnprimary.co.uk


Activity 3

Read a book of your choice (try Bugclub) and tell someone about what you have read. www.activelearnprimary.co.uk

Make a list of any words you didn’t know and had to look up.


Activity 4

Read a book of your choice (try Bugclub) and tell someone about what you have read. www.activelearnprimary.co.uk


Write a book review telling the teacher why he should read the book. Think about:

  • Why you liked it. What were the exciting parts, the sad parts etc. 
  • What surprised you about the story.
  • Do you have a favourite character?
  • Any words that you liked the use of?
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Word of the Week

word 1: various

word 2: weight

word 3: woman

word 4: women



Activity 1

Today we will continue with The Stone Age Boy but first, here is a quick warm up to get you thinking.


Complete the sheet by copying the text and filling in the blanks.


Example: The angry pirate.

Once you finish the sheet continue reading The Stone Age Boy

Well done!


Make a list of any words you don’t know and look up their meaning.


Meaning / Definition


















Let’s learn more about how to make fire!

We are going to make a set of instructions on how to make fire by striking flint.


Watch the video below


While watching the video, think about the verbs (doing words) he uses when he is telling you what to do in each step.


Use this table below to help you.



First, fill in the column titled COMMON VERBS while watching the video.


Living in the Stone Age: Fire starting using flint, Iron pyrites and fungus

Always supervise children when they are on YouTube.

Amazing right!




Now let’s fill in the adverb column.


You can fill in the last column with the rest of the sentence.


(example and word bank below)



I have given you an example below. This will help us build up sentences.


Baseboard – flint blade – ember – tinder bundle – fluffy – horseshoof fungus -

We can now write out our step-by-step instructions on how to make fire with flint.


  • Break your work into separate steps.     
  • Use the table you filled out to help you.

Step 1

Carefully place the baseboard on the floor to protect from the cold ground.


Step 2


Step 3



Activity 2

Start by completing the sheet. Write a sentence for each picture describing what’s happening. Use a different ADVERB from the top of the sheet for each sentence.


Example: The cat silently watched the mouse.

Now read the next pages of The Stone Age Boy.

I wonder what the characters we can see in the book would be thinking?

I filled in the thoughts of the characters on page 18. (See below)

Right now it’s your turn. Can you fill in the thought bubbles for page 19?


  • Put yourself in the characters’ position to understand what they are thinking.
  • Write in full sentences.
  • Check your punctuation.

(See work sheet below)

Well done!


Thinking about the pages we have read today and thinking back to earlier in the story. Answer the  2 questions on the first worksheet and the 2 from the second worksheet below. I have included some sentence starters for you.

Activity 3

Start by completing the sheet. For each picture change the word to put it in the past tense.


Example: add = added

Let’s think back in our story to where the boy is happy and going hunting.

Can you use SHOW DON’T TELL to show the reader that he is happy.

Think about his facial expression, his body language, his heart rate.



As he grasped his spear tight with excitement, he smiled from ear to ear as he followed the rest of the group.


Your turn, remember to use full sentences.

Now we will continue with our book. Read the following pages.


You can click on the pictures  to enlarge them.

Now you have read these pages, answer the questions from the worksheet below. Use the sentence starters to help you.

Activity 4

Start by completing the sheet. Rewrite each word adding the suffixes to show how we can use adjectives to compare things.

Example: tall – taller – tallest  

Now continue reading. 


Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Wow! That was a great book! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Think about the story and answer the questions on the worksheet below.

Well done!

How much of the story can you remember? Fill in the table below using brief sentences.


Leave the details out and just give me the main events.


I have included a video of the book being read in-case you want to re-cap the story.

ESL Video story book - Stone Age Boy read by Teacher Sabina