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Week commencing 4th May

This week we will be working on imperative (BOSSY) verbs. Learning to use bossy verbs properly will help us write instructions.

Activity 1

Watch this video about imperative verbs to write command sentences.

*click on the link below the image to watch the video

Play Simon says with somebody at home, be very bossy!

“Simon says, touch your toes!”

‘Simon says, hop on one leg!”

I have used exclamation marks to make the commands extra bossy.


Write down your bossy commands that you used during Simon says.

Activity 2

Do you remember what an imperative verb is?

Complete the worksheet below.

Activity 3

In the story of ‘The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch’ Mr and Mrs Grinling made mustard sandwiches to stop the seagulls from eating Mr Grinling’s lunch. I want you to use imperative (bossy) verbs to write instructions to make the most disgusting sandwich you can think of for an alien friend.

Use the sheet below.

Activity 4

Now you know how to use imperative (bossy) verbs to write command sentences, complete the sheet below.


This week I would like you to practice the ‘ig’ join.

Follow the instructions and copy it out onto lined paper.

Words of the week:


Word 1



Word 2



Word 3



Word 4



Word 5




Practice reading and spelling the word. Copy the word and spell it out loud 4 times.

Can you spell the word without looking at it? Cover the words and test yourself.

Write a sentence using each of the new words. Post your sentences on the blog so that I can see them.