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Week commencing 8th June

Activity 1

Make your own fruit salad by cutting up different pieces of fruit. Please make sure that children are supervised or you can cut it for them and ask them to count along.

How many pieces you have?

Activity 2

Listen to the story of ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ or read the story below and count how many different kinds of fruits Oliver mentions in the story.

Oliver's Fruit Salad

Please make sure that children are supervised when using Youtube

Oliver’s Fruit Salad

Oliver was eating his breakfast. He looked at his cereal and put down his spoon.

“When I was staying with grandma,” he said, ‘I helped him pack crunchy red apples every morning.”

“How lovely,” said mum.

When mum made herself a cup of coffee, Oliver shook his head of grape juice.

“At grandpa’s house, I saw real grapes. Gran let me pick them. She made grape jelly.”

“Goodness me,” said mum.

At lunchtime Oliver’s mother looked in the cupboard.

“Shall we have canned pears?” she asked.

Oliver sniffed.

“Grandpa grows pears,” he said. “He doesn’t eat pears out of cans. He grows pears on trees.”

“Lucky Grandpa,” said mum.

After lunch mum got their jackets.

“Let’s go shopping,” she said.

“Grandpa doesn’t go shopping,” said Oliver. “He grows everything in his garden.”

“Hurry up,” said mum. “Put your jacket on.”

“All right,” sighed Oliver.

In the supermarket mum went to look at the jams. Oliver told her about Grandpa’s wonderful cherries and strawberries and plums.

“Oliver’” said mum, “look over there.”

“Why?” Oliver asked.

“Look,” said mum. Oliver looked. He saw apples and grapes and pears. He saw cherries and strawberries and plums. “Hmm,’ said Oliver, “I still think Grandpa’s fruit is better.”

“What about bananas and coconuts?’ said mum.

“Grandpa could grow them if he wanted to,” Oliver said firmly.

Mum pulled up a shopping trolley and filled it with fruit.

“I’ve never seen one of those in Grandpa’s garden,” Oliver said, pointing at the pineapple.

“We’ll buy a little one,” mum said and she did.

Oliver helped mum carry all the bags home.

They piled up the fruit on the kitchen table.

“Now,” said mum, “you can eat an apple or a pear or a plum, it’s not in a jar or a can. It’s all fresh, so help yourself.”

Oliver shook his head. “No thank you. I just helped Grandpa. I didn’t eat any of the fruit. I don’t like fruit.” Mum started, “Oh Oliver!”

The doorbell rang. Oliver rushed to open the door. It was Gran and Grandpa.

“Hello,” said Oliver. “Come and see what we’ve got.”

“Fruit salad,” said Grandpa.

“What’s that?” asked Oliver.

“Something very special," said Gran. “We’ll make it together.

Gran, Oliver, mum and Grandpa chopped up the fruit. When it was all in a big glass bowl Oliver smiled and said, “it looks very pretty.”

Mum out three bowls.

“Where is mine?” asked Oliver.

“You don’t like fruit,” said mum.

“I like fruit salad,” said Oliver and he had a three helpings.

“YUMMY,” he said. He licked his spoon thoughtfully.

“But I bet if it was all out of Grandpa’s garden it would be even YUMMIER.”

And even mum laughed. 


Activity 3

During your outdoor time lay on the ground and look to the sky. Count how many clouds you can see. If the sky is clear can you see birds or planes instead?

Represent the amount you can count using your fingers, making marks on paper or writing numbers.

Activity 4

Count how many fruit are on the picture below. Try to write that number on a plain piece of paper.

PDF if you wish to print

Activity 5