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Week commencing 8th June

Activity 1

Make fairy or fish sticks

Transform bendy willow sticks into magical springy wands for fairies or bouncy toy fishing rods.

  • Weave green willow fish or fairies, adding more willow of creeper stems to decorate
  • Wrap brightly coloured fabric or felting wood round a bendy stick. Wind knitting wool over the top to secure it in place
  • Tie your willow fish or fairy to the end of the stick, and them go off outdoors for some bouncy adventures.

Activity 2

Make a bird feeder

The simplest and best way to attract wildlife is just to feed the birds. You will be amazed by how close they come to feed.

  • Mash some lard at room temperature and mix it with wild bird seeds.
  • Mould the mixture into a sausage shape and spread it over a dry branched stick with rough bark.
  • Hang the stick from a tree or outside your window. The birds will perch on the little branches while tucking into their dinner.
  • Keep a record of what birds you see and when the food been eaten remember to add more.
Activity 3

Activity 4

Make a dream catcher

Native Americans believe that webs of natural fibres trapped bad dreams, only allowing the good dreams past. Have a go at making a dream-catcher to hang near your bed.

  • Bend a freshly cut stick into a small circle
  • Attach a long piece of thread to a point on the circle, pull it to the opposite side of the circle and wind it around the stick a couple of times. Repeat several times to make a web.
  • Take the dream catcher out on a walk. Weave natural materials through it and hang shells and feathers from the bottom.

Activity 5

Hello Nursery and Reception!

This week we are continuing with our topic of Spring. In the video you can sing along to our 'I Like The Flowers' song. We'll also play a musical animal game that involves listening to different music and acting like an animal!

You can watch the Week 5 Music Video below: