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Week commencing 8th June

Activity 1

Using sticks and string can you make your own web? What bug would get caught in your web?

Activity 2

Have a go at making your very own minibeasts using objects that you find when you are outside of from objects in your house. You might make a bug that you already know or you could use your imagination and make your own one up!

Activity 3

Tape Shapes:

What you need:

Masking tape, chalks (other media could be used if done on paper/cardboard) and a space to create.

What to do:

Tape out as big or small an area as you feel necessary – this could be done on paper, cardboard box, a path or the fence.

Use the masking tape to create shapes within the taped out area.

Colour in the different sections (we used chalk but if using paper you could use other media)

Once finished peel off the masking tape.

Activity 4

Activity 5

Hello Nursery and Reception!

This week we are continuing with our topic of Spring. In the video you can sing along to our 'I Like The Flowers' song. We'll also play a musical animal game that involves listening to different music and acting like an animal!

You can watch the Week 5 Music Video below: