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Watching a video can help to distract you from problems and thoughts. These videos have ideas about things you can do to feel calmer, especially when you're feeling stressed, sad or anxious.


Coping with Stress: Breathing Tips by Childline

It can be hard to know what to do when you're feeling stressed. In part 1 of 3 videos, Childline counsellor Raz talks us through 3 techniques of Mindfulness ...

Creative Ways to Cope ft. Sanah Ahsan by Childline

Creativity can mean different things. It can involve art, words or movement. Join James and Sanah over on youtube.com/childline

Ways to Cope: Poetry ft. Sanah Ahsan by Childline

Five New Activities for Kindness and Resilience.

Develop resilience and develop kindness through activities on routine building, coping mechanisms and acts of kindness.


Resilience means learning how to cope with uncertainty, how to make the most of the resources and connections you have around you, and how to adapt to changing situations.


Kindness is a big part of resilience: without kindness and support, dealing with difficult situations becomes much harder. Building resilience is also being kind to yourself, so that challenges become easier in the future. Resilience and kindness build a stronger you and a stronger community.


Here are five suggested activities for developing resilience and kindness. You can use your power of kindness calendar download to track and tick off your kind acts. These activities are designed for parents, young people, children and families as a whole. They can be completed independently or together.


The activities are:


1. Digital for good - learners can consider how they're using technology and how it can be used with kindness.

2. Create a routine - sticking to a routine can help you feel more in control. We provide tips on how to create one and their benefits.

3. Circles of control - thinking about what you can and can't control helps you to stay resilient and be kind to yourself. This quick activity helps you reflect on your goals.

4. Colour and share your kindness - colour in the Red Cross Museum poster encouraging people to wash their hands, maintain distance or cover their coughs and sneezes.

5. ​​​Reflection - spend time celebrating your or other's kindness.