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Parents Presentation - Keeping our Children Safe Online - Jenny Phillips March 2018

Child Friendly Safe Searching


We highly recommend setting your home computer web browser to http://www.kidrex.org/ - a child-friendly web browser sponsored by Google for worry free and safe internet searches by children.

YouTube Kids

Allowing children unlimited access to YouTube can lead to viewing of inappropriate content often by accident.  Make your child's viewing safe by downloading the new YouTube kids APP onto your ipad or PC.  The APP allows for age appropriate parental controls and allows children to search content with peace of mind. 

Set up Safe Parental Controls


When purchasing your child's first device it can be quite overwhelming for parents on how to set up parental controls and privacy settings.  Internet Matters have simplified this for you with 70 simple 'how to' guides on how to set up parental controls across all major networks, devices, services and entertainment providers.


Go to:  www.internetmatters.org/setupsafe


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