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Autumn Term 1 2023

Autumn 1, week 1: 


We have had an amazing start to this academic year!


Welcome all parents and children to St Luke’s school and community!


We have established classroom rules and routines, explored our classroom and resources and got to learn new things about each other.


Well done children !

Autumn 1, week 2:


The children this week have explored mark-making using flour.


Mark-making involves using different tools and materials to create different lines, patterns and shapes.  This is a precursor to writing and helps develop their creativity and fine-motor skills.


All the children enjoyed exploring the texture of the flour and loved creating shapes!

Autumn 1: week 3:


This week, the children explored mark-making with crayons and made amazing pictures of their favourite things!



Autumn 1, week 4;


This week, we explored building using the resources around us.


Some children used magnetic tiles to build houses and some used natural materials like wood and leaves to build places for animals to stay in.

Autumn 1, week 5:


This week, we went on a scavenger hunt around the playground. We collected sticks, leaves and conkers and used our senses to describe these items. The children enjoyed this activity and worked well together. 

After the scavenger hunt, we made our own 'Autumn frames' out of cardboard.


First, we made different pictures for the frames using coloured pencils.

Next, we added brown paint around the frame using a paint brush.

Finally, we stuck our collected leaves from the scavenger hunt to decorate the frame.


These amazing frames have been set on display!

Autumn 1, week 6:

This week, we practised our threading and made beautiful necklaces, using different types of beads.


We continued developing our fine motor skills using sensory play, the children used tweezers to pick up coloured rice and match them in the appropriate coloured bowl.


Autumn 1, week 7:


We have finished our ‘Owl Babies’ book and lessons.


The children started the week by making food for our new owl friends using play dough and cooking tools.


The children chose their favourite autumn colours and made leaves out of their hand prints, it was a great art and sensory experience for them!


Have an amazing half term!