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Spring Term 1 2024

Week 5:


This week, we had a special visit from the school nurse who taught us about the importance of washing our hands. She showed us how to wash them properly and then shone a blue light on our hands which highlighted any dirt still left.


We also made some lovely Valentine’s Day cards for our families. 

Week 4: 


This week, we looked at some pictures of toys in the past and compared them to toys we have today. We then used scissors to cut out pictures of toys and organised them into two groups, old toys and new toys. The children noticed that most of the old toys were made out of wood and cloth whereas the new toys were made of metal and plastic and were much more colourful. We then used an array of junk modelling materials to make our own toys. We made cars, rattles, dolls and much more!


We also had a visit from the dentist who explained the importance of looking after our teeth. She showed us how to brush them and also taught us which foods and drinks are good for our teeth and which ones are bad. We learnt that we should brush our teeth twice a day, for two minutes and to visit the dentist twice a year. At the end, she gave each child a toothbrush and some toothpaste which they took home to use. 

Week 3:


In R.E, we listened to the parable ‘The Lost sheep’ which taught us that God will always look for us when we are lost, and that he celebrates when we return to him. Throughout the week, the children made their own lost sheep which we displayed around the classroom. 



Last week, the children compared a variety of objects according to their weight. They used scales to see which objects weighed more than others and noticed that the heavier objects brought the scales down and the lighter objects bought the scales up. Children were introduced to some new vocabulary and were encouraged to use this during carpet time; heavier, lighter, heaviest, lightest, bigger, smaller, more than, less than. 

Week 2:


This week, we turned our role play area into a baby clinic. The children thoroughly enjoyed role playing as doctors, nurses and parents. They were busy using tape measures to measure the babies, weighing them with scales and recording their measurements in a red book. We also had a couple of receptionists taking calls and booking appointments for the clinic. 

In the playground, lots of children noticed the bowls of ice that had formed over night. We bought them into the classroom and talked about how the ice was formed and also why it began to melt. 

Week 1: 


Welcome back children! Our topic this term is ‘All About Me’ which focus on the children, their families and their environment. The children painted some beautiful family portraits and talked about all the members in their family. 

In P.E, the children have been developing their core strength by balancing. We practiced balancing using different parts of our bodies.