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Autumn Term 1 2023

Autumn 1, week 6:


This week, we gathered some autumn leaves from the playground and created some leaf prints. The children painted the leaves and then printed them onto paper.


In maths, we learned about mass and capacity. We used scales to weigh a variety of objects including: pumpkins, conkers, pine cones and weights. In the water tray, we used comparative language to compare different sized containers full of water. Children were encouraged to use words such as: full, empty, half full, heavy, light, the same, heavier, lighter, in these activities. 

Autumn 1, week 5:


We developed our fine motor skills a lot this week! We used needles (large, plastic and blunt, don’t worry) and thread to sew together some autumn leaves.

We also used pipettes to transfer coloured water into ice cube trays. The children had some lovely conversations about colour mixing. They realised they could make a new colour by mixing two colours together. Look at all the different shades we made! 



Autumn 1, week 4:


This week we read the book ‘Owl Babies’. We created some beautiful pictures of owls which we displayed onto our class tree. 

In maths, we sang the nursery rhyme ‘5 Little Monkeys’ which introduced the children to subtraction.


The weather was glorious so we brought the parachute out and played some lovely games.



Autumn 1, Week 3:


This week, we had a brilliant dance lesson with Luke where every child joined in and moved their body to the music. 

We also drew pictures of our selves and our families and shared our drawings with the adults and children in reception. 

In phonics, we’ve now learnt the sounds; s  a  t  p  i. 

Autumn 1, Week 2: 


It’s been a lovely first couple of weeks in Reception. We’ve established classroom rules and routines, explored our learning environment and spent lots of time getting to know each other. Well done children, you’ve all settled in so well!