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Who's Who

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Senior Management Team

Ann Dwulit - Executive Head Teacher

Jess Cameron - Head of School

Jenny Phillips - Assistant Head Teacher

Monica Dickman - SENCO, Inclusion Manager

Hannah Bryant - School Business Manager


Subject Leaders

Lisa Harrington - RE & PSHE Coordinator

Keith Grey - Literacy Coordinator

Calum Henderson - Maths Coordinator

Tess Neaman - Art Coordinator

Jenny Phillips - Gifted & Talented Coordinator

Adam Seifert - PE Coordinator

Lenh Siu - School Grounds and Eco Team

Miriam MacAllen - Music Coordinator

Simon Fielding - Dance Coordinator

Juan Gonzalez Gomez - Early Years Co-ordinator

Safeguarding Team

Monica Dickman -Safeguarding Lead

Ann Dwulit

Jess Cameron

Anisa Lucey

Inclusion Team

Monica Dickman

Jess Cameron

Angela Major

Anisa Lucey


Calum Henderson - Y6 Teacher

Keith Grey - Y5 Teacher

Lisa Harrington - Y4 Teacher

Tess Neaman - Y4 Teacher

Adam Seifert - Y3 Teacher

Miriam MacAllan  - Y2 Teacher

Lenh Siu - Y1 Teacher

Eliza Witkowska - Rec Teacher

Juan Gonzalez Gomez - Nursery Teacher

Simon Fielding - Dance and Drama Teacher

Nick Jones - Music Teacher

Teaching Assistants

Sam Pike - Y6 Teaching Asst

Allie Jaramillo - Y6 SEN Teaching Asst

Janet Johnson - Y5 HLTA, Computing support

Lucie Bailey - Y5 Teaching Asst

Pauline Robinson - Y4 Teaching Asst

Fatma Ozbudun - Y4 Teaching Asst

Sally Aird- Y3 Teaching Asst

Soroya Mustafa - Y1 Teaching Asst

Zyra Bala - Y1 Teaching Asst

Abigail Burke - Y2 Early Years Support Worker

Maria Francis - Y2 Teaching Asst

Martina Breznica - Rec Teaching Asst

Sam McDermott - Early Years Support Worker

Georgie Bassett - Nursery Nurse

Office Team

Hannah Bryant - School Business Manager

Angela Major - Senior Admin Officer

Laura Bartle - Clerical and Extended School Asst

Anisa Lucey - Attendance Officer

Premises and Kitchen Staff

Alan Robinson - Premises Manager

Celina Eghator - Kitchen Manager

Breakfast Club Assistants

Celina Eghator

Laura Bartle

Zyra Bala

Kelly McCarthy