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Spring Term 1 2024

Spring 1, Week 1:


This week, we started our new term topic called ‘All About me’ and welcome some new children and families to our nursery classroom.


Our class explored our first core book called ‘So Much!’ and took care of some babies in our classroom by reading to them and drawing pictures for them.


We also explored our own families and spoke about who is in our family by drawing some amazing family portraits!

Spring 1,week 2:


This week, we learnt parts of our body to help our role play in the baby clinic!


Our class role played as doctors and nurses to help take care of babies.


Some played mummies and daddies and fed the babies, while others role played as doctors using a measuring tape to count how tall the babies were.


The children had great fun and loved learning about doctors and nurses who help take care of us.

Spring 1: Week 3


This week, we finished our project on making our lovely faces.


Nursery explored their faces in the mirror and crafted self portraits out of paper plates.

Spring 1: Week 4;



This week, we spoke about our favourite books and noticed that a lot of our favourite books had a bear character in them so we decided to create our own bears using forks and paint.


We also finished reading ‘Where’s My Teddy?’ and spoke about our favourite toys and what it would feel like if we had lost them.

Spring 1: Week 5:


This week, we explored Chinese New Year! We learnt what the story was about and learnt that this year is the year of the Dragon. We created some decorations for our classroom which included paper lanterns and dragon paper chains.


We also learnt the importance of using our manners with our National Read aloud day book ‘ Please’  which showed the story of what could happen if you do not say please.