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Summer Term 2 2023

Week 7

This week, we had lots of fun at Sports' Day! The first one got rained off but luckily we were able to complete it at school later in the week..

Week 6

This week, we have been completing our Red Riding Hood puppets. They have taken us a long time to make but we are very pleased with them! See if you can guess which character we have each made! Here are some of them!

Week 5

We have been having a practice for Sports' Day!! We have been using javelins, hurdles, beanbags and batons in preparation!

Week 4

This week, we went on a fantastic tour around lots of the sights of London connected to our class book: 'Katie in London'. We had lots of fun and particularly enjoyed playing in St. James' park and waving to the King in Buckingham Palace.

Week 3

The sunflower seeds that we planted last month are now growing beautifully! We have been watering them regularly and keeping them in our greenhouse! Soon, we will have to transfer them into bigger pots! We are very pleased with them and looking forward to seeing them flower!

Week 2

This week in Literacy, we have started to read our new class book: 'Katie in London'. We then hot-seated the 3 main characters to try to fins out more about the story!

Week 1

This week in Literacy we had a debate about whether the wolf was right or wrong to have eaten Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma! Each side put lots of interesting points forward!