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Learning for Life

Learning for Life at St Luke’s

At St Luke’s we believe in preparing children to go out into the world as creative, compassionate and confident citizens.  Our Learning for Life programme is designed to raise children’s aspirations and deepen their understanding of the ever-changing society around us. 


The Four Pillars of Learning for Life - these are the four main tools that help us to grow independent thinkers and learners, equipped with the tools:


  • Growth Mindset - if you believe you can do it, you can.  We teach children that hard work and persistence pay off.  Anyone can get better at something with the right mindset.
  • Philosophy For Children (P4C) - in P4C children learn to raise questions and express their ideas about things that really matter to them. Weekly practice in P4C deepens children's caring, creative, collaborative and critical thinking.
  • Reciprocal Reading - an approach to group reading where children predict, clarify, question and summarise what they have read.  This approach, which is child led, really deepens understanding of texts.
  • Singapore Maths - a highly successful approach to mathematics, using concrete materials and diagrams to support abstract concepts within maths.


Activities which enhance Learning for Life at St Luke’s  also include:

  •  Dreamcatcher assemblies, when people from all walks of life come in to answer children’s questions about their working lives. 
  • Learning for Life workshops led by community and business volunteers to demonstrate how the skills and knowledge they are learning at school can be used in real-life projects.
  • Lunchtime volunteers who come in to read with children, to play number-based games, teach computer programming, or coach sports from football to chess.
Our Dreamcatcher assemblies provide our children with many opportunities to meet real people from a wide range of professions.